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What is 3Bees Club?

The idea behind 3Bees Club is to combine competitions with advertising possibilities. 3Bees Club offers a platform for companies to run competitions and free giveaways in return for advertising.

How does 3Bees Club make a profit?

3Bees Club charges companies a small fee for running competitions on its platform. 3Bees Club also serves advertising from Google to keep the platform running. See below for more information:

How are the competitions free to enter?

For every entry to every competition, you will be shown a 20-30 second video from the competition sponsor. ONLY when the video has ended will your entry be submitted. This way, the advertising company is benefitting from showing their video advertisement on a regular basis to potential customers interested in their product. We only charge the advertiser a small amount, so they can give away a prize. For example:

Joe runs a nationwide chain of coffee shops called Joesbucks. Joe understands that TV advertising is expensive so he decides to advertise on 3Bees Club instead. Joe offers a 100 voucher to spend in any of his Joebucks branches and pays 3Bees Club to publish his competition. Joe then shows off his shops, offers and products to potential future customers via his video ads until the competition comes to an end. Joe then sends the Joesbucks voucher to the competition winner, deep in the knowledge that he has already pitched his business nationwide.

Who runs the competitions and who is responsible for delivering the prize?

The advertiser (Sponsor) for each competition is solely responsible for funding their competition. Details of who is sponsoring each competition is available on each competition page as well as other areas around this site. In some occasions, 3Bees Club themselves will run a competition and will be solely responsible for it.

Does 3Bees Club share my data with the competition sponsors?

Absolutely not! Only the winner's details will be passed to the competition sponsor in order for them to deliver the prize. We may only give Sponsors general information about their campaigns. For example, we may advise the sponsor after a competition has ended; 1) How many entries/views/hits they received. 2) The average amount of entries per user across the lifetime of the competition. Absolutely no personal data is given away.

Does 3Bees Club sell my data to anyone else?

Again, absolutely not! We never sell, share or release any data whatsoever.

How do I enter a competition?

Simply find the competition you wish to enter on this site and click "Enter". You'll watch a short video advert from the sponsor which shouldn't last more than 30 seconds. The moment the video ends, your entry is submitted. You can enter each comeptition once per day.

What's the maximum times someone can enter?

Each competition can only be entered once per day, so if a competition lasts for 14 days, the maximum entries per person would be 14. Some competitions, however, give you the opportunity to share a link on spcial media within 20 seconds of the video ending for double submission. In this case, the maximum entries will be 28 per person.

I forgot to enter yesterday, can I enter twice today?

Sorry! You snooze you loose, as they say. For maximum chances, enter every day.

Who decides who the winner is?

In short, a computer does. The moment that a competition ends, our computer assigns a random number to each entry. The system then chooses one of those numbers at random to determine a winner. All other participants are instantly notified of via email. 3Bees Club nor the competition sponsor have any way of influencing the results, nor the desire to do so.

How does the winner receive their prize?

Prizes won in third party competitions will be sent by the competition sponsor within 7 days of the end of the competition. It will remain the sole responsibility of the competition sponsor to ship the prize and pay any fees applicable anywhere in the United Kingdom, unless specifically stated otherwise. Winners will NEVER be asked to pay for shipping or any other costs.

How many competitions can I enter?

All of them you are legible. Most competitions are available nationwide, but please check the competition page to make sure. You may enter every single one on this site every day. No restrictions.

How do I close my account?

We'll always try to help if you have any concerns regarding your account. However, if you wish to leave, please login to your account and select the Delete Account button. ALL your account data will be automatically and you won't hear from us again. Feel free to return and open a new account at any time.