3Bees Club: Why are we free

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3Bees Club: Why are we free

3Bees Club: Why are we free?

September 12th, 2017By 3Bees Club1 Comment(s)

I know we have covered this matter before, however i thought we should go over it again as people always have doubts when they feel something is to good to be true. Firstly 3Bees Club is on one side a freebie site that everybody can join and enter our competitions at no cost at all, we give away everything from holidays to iPads and from coffee machines to tickets to your favourite shows, all you have to do is sign up to our site and this is all available to you at a click of a button.

We giveaway everything from iPads to coffee machines!!

Secondly 3Bees Club is an product and video advertising site where people with the latest products can come to advertise for free!! all they have to do is sponsor a competition, so if apple was to sponsor a competition with 3Bees Club they would receive 30 days free advertising on our site, everybody who enters their competition would watch a short video from them and we would be advertising there competition on all of our social media platforms all for the cost of the product. Ok so again 3Bees Club are giving away advertising as well as product, thats probably the question running through your minds now, we feel that by giving the advertising away this means the sponsors are more likely to give better prizes for our clients, and in turn will bring a wider audience to 3Bees Club which will then mean that we can charge for external advertising from other places such as google ads etc. The only way this is possible is for the general public to keep sharing and keep entering our competitions, its simple the more people that sign up the better the competitions will be and the bigger 3Bees Club will get. I hope this makes sense and clears up how this is all possible. Thank you and please keep the buzz about 3Bees going.


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September 12th, 2017
Great Idea!!!