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3 Bees Club

Welcome To The 3 Bees Club

June 26th, 2017By 3Bees Club0 Comment(s)

3 Bees Club is a family run business, inspired after becoming frustrated with visiting giveaway/freebie sites but never actually winning anything or coming to the realisation that the giveaway was just a money off voucher and not a freebie at all. We decided to create a giveaway site, that does exactly what it says on the tin. After months of research, we decided to fill our website with lots of products, that you actually want, the best part being, everything is completely and utterly 100% free! All you will need to do, is sign up to our website to become a member, then you are able to enter as many competitions as you like, at the click of a button, you will be entered into the competition after watching a very short video from the giveaway sponsor, it really is as easy as that! To qualify for multiple entries per competition, all you will need to do is like and share our competition on one or more social media platforms, one share qualifies one extra entry, well worth doubling or even tripling your chances of winning one of our fantastic prizes! All of our competition winners are picked completely at random, so you can rest assured, you have a fair chance of winning every competition, so why wait, sign up today and lets start winning!

3 Bees Club are changing the way giveaway websites are run!

We need your help! As you may be aware, we are just a couple of weeks away from our launch and we desperately need a catchy slogan! We thought the best solution would be to allow you, our members, to create one for us. Thats right, we are giving things away before we are even open for business! So here it is, if you can think of the best slogan, we will give you £100 worth of Tesco shopping vouchers. Just go to our website, www.3beesclub.com where you will need to fill in your details and tell us your slogan. The competition will end on the 30th of June, when we will pick the winning slogan and let everybody know, which slogan has won and who the lucky winner is! So, what are you waiting for go? Sign up now and good luck!!