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How It All Works

How We Work At 3Bees Club

1July 22nd, 2017By 3Bees Club0 Comment(s)

Very recently, on the BBC news, there were warnings about signing up to online competitions and the dangers that are associated with entering your personal details anywhere online. We would like to let all of our members know that we are in complete agreement with the BBC, there are sufficient grounds for such warnings to be issued, you should always be vigilant about where you leave your personal details online. As most of us are aware, unfortunately, there are companies out there who wish to obtain your details, in order to then sell them on to third party companies and organisations, with no other intention than to bombard you with hundreds of advertising emails, which is, to say the least, very frustrating. While we are aware this is an ongoing issue, we want our valued members to be know, that here at 3BeesClub, any personal information we hold is completely confidential. We NEVER pass on your details to any other companies, this may leave you asking how we make any profit, the answer is simple, advertising. Once you decide to enter a competition with 3BeesClub, you will be asked to watch a short clip, the company featured in this clip will be sponsoring the 3BeesClub website. We are what we say we are, a giveaway site. We want all our members to have peace of mind, if you feel you have any questions to ask, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Always be careful about who you give your information to online.

Upon launching 3BeesClub, our mission was to create a freebie/giveaway site that would be a breath of fresh air, straight forward and free!! The only reason we request your address is to ensure we have somewhere to send your prizes, the only reason we ask for you email is so we can inform you when you have won any competitions or not and to keep you informed with any new competitions coming up. You can rest assured, you will not receive any spam emails from us and we will not pass on absolutely any of your personal information. You can rest assured we are the only giveaway site out there that is here for you, we are working everyday to bring you the best and latest products for our competitions, so please make sure you spread the word we need your help to make us a household name as the more people that join 3Bees Club the better the prizes will be .